Forest Clam

D&D Party – Dungeons and Dragons artwork!

Role Playing Fury!

I’m working with Necrotic Gnome Productions to create some artworks for their Dolmenwood D&D world. It’s ace!  I’ve drawn a few big illustrations for the last couple of issues of the magazine, so these are a little less involved than those full-on opuses. Currently they’re only black and white line drawings, the next job is to colour them and get them ready for publishing. I’ll also need to write out all the appropriate stats and what not so that roleplayers know what to do when they encounter them.


Stilt Squid Fishermen

Hulking squid that live on wooden platforms and stilt-walk across the DolmenWood mudflats with their fisherman mahoots.


Forest Clam

Hermit-crab like lurkers waiting in the middle of dewy glens to snap tight closed on wandering passers by in DolmenWood.


Singing Aspen

Soporific chants from the collective voices of whispering Aspen entice the sleepy and unwary into their boughs before receding with their captives into a network of root tunnels under the DolmenWood.


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