• Club Zoho
    11 2019 April

    Interview with the Gentleman Crafter – John Bloodworth

    Interview Questionnaire This questionnaire is a general one however the questions should be broad enough to give an all round idea of you and your work, however if you feel that a questions doesn’t relate to you, then please feel free to skip ahead. It...

  • 11 2019 April

    Interview for the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain’s “Jester” members magazine.

    Interview for the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain’s “Jester” members magazine. Please answer at least ten of the following questions… 1 – How did you first get in to cartooning? I think it was more a combination of preordained destiny and inability to work in...

  • 11 2019 April

    Interview for Beehive Illustration Agency newsletter, 2014

    Interview for Beehive Illustration Agency newsletter, 2014 Introduction This interview was written originally for publication on my agents website. It never saw the light of day, alas, as it was requested that I used photos rather than cartoons. My argument (which I lost) was that no...

  • Executives executing
    11 2019 April

    My publishing CV

    CV Overview CV for Rory Walker; artworks and assets created for Publishing, Traditional Media, New Media, and everything else in-between. Children’s books, chapter books, magazine editorial, video game and smart apps, you name the pie, I’ve got my fingers in it. Some of the books that...

  • 16 2018 May

    A selection of cartoons

    Here’s a smattering of cartoons based on IT and hot-desking for a new set of rules and protocols that are being experimented with at Dyson.   Eagle-eyed art spotters may note that I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the magnificent drawings of...

  • Mums70th-1920-RoryWalker-HEADER
    10 2018 April

    Mum’s birthday painting

    The biggest day of the year! Yes, that’s right, today is my mum’s birthday. Happy birthday mum! To celebrate this most auspicious of days – without ma there wouldn’t be the little bouncing ball of joy that is me – I commissioned myself to draw...

  • Rory Walker being interviewed on the Gentleman Crafter blog
    05 2018 April

    A new interview with yours truly on the Gentleman Crafter blog

    I’ve only gone and been interviewed ain’t I? Here! https://gentlemancrafter.com/2018/03/21/worldwide-wednesday-rory-walker-illustrator-teacher-mentor-painter-print-maker-and-father/#more-15142 And some really rather pleasant comments too. I’m feeling very pleased with myself....

  • IT Cartoon - Final image
    12 2018 March

    The Pain of IT

    It can take a long time to implement IT solutions. Inky Illustration Agency asked me to create an artwork for a client showing just that. Note – DOOM poster on the wall, calendar torn off at 2008, etc etc. Here’s the pencil sketch – And...

  • Crazy Neighbours T-Shirt Back
    05 2017 October

    Crazy Neighbours T-Shirt designs

    Front and back t-shirt images Coming up in Vienna this weekend is a weed growers convention. I would imagine that everyone there just wanders around getting lost but not really caring. At least they’ll be able to look good with these startling t-shirt designs! Dominik...

  • Kids In Classroom
    26 2017 September

    New kids in a classroom!

    Here’s a revised version of the kids in the classroom watching in disbelief as the wall dissolves between them....

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Dragons Blood Pirates – Series 2 – Book 11

January 20, 2009 | 0 Comments

A couple of sneak pages from Book 11 (!) in the series....

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Dragons Blood Pirates – Series 2

November 19, 2008 | 0 Comments

It’s with great excitement that I’ve started getting busy with series 2 (books 7-12) of the Dragons Blood Pirates series for Hachette in Australia. The first series is out and doing the rounds. Here’s a website all about it – Here Here’s a look of things to come....

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Terribly exciting news, books 1 and 2 are here – and look how wonderful they look. Awwww. These are the covers. Here’s the pull out map showing where everything is. And here’s an inside page spectacular....

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What a treat! A couple of coloured in pieces. These are characters taken from some of the many black and white drawings I’ve done for the Dragons Blood Pirates series. Captain Gunner (with bee stings on his nose). Slicer the ships cook serving up a “feast”....

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A couple of interior page drawings for books 2, 3 and 4 of the Dragon’s Blood Pirate’s series that I’m working on. There’s about 30 pages of illustration per book, so these pictures are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Two more books to go and they’ll be finished and sent off to the...

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Designing a collection of pirates Developing a different look for each character is complicated. However, I remember seeing years back a silhouette map of carton characters. You could tell which was which just from a blob, and I’ve always tried using that idea as a starting point for inventing a new character. Before starting work...

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Dragons Blood Pirates – Maps

May 9, 2008 | 0 Comments

Creating maps for pirates It’s a great responsibility helping someone get from A to B, so drawing a map is a skill. I was given a list of islands and had to create a map that included them all, and was interesting to look at for would-be junior corsairs. I love drawing maps, and I...

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Here’s a couple of pages from the first of a series of 6 pirate story books that I’m working on for Hatchette in Australia. They’re all chapter books, meaning that there’s a B&W drawing every couple of pages to help the reader along with the story. I’m loving drawing these. They’re ace!I’ve put in the...

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