Grimms Fairy Tales illustration

Grimms Fairy Tales illustration

The Prince and the Fox

I’ve been reading Grimms Fairy Tales, (finally). It’s sat on my shelf since time began, I’m sure, and whilst I thought I knew them all, as it turns out I actually only know a very small number.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’m enjoying the way they’re written that much, the style is very much of its time, and like most things that are antiquated, it reads as much. However, the underlying stories are quite good; a little Aesopian in nature with their moralistic overtones from time to time, but a good read non the less. ¬†And frightfully macabre to boot, which can only be a good thing in this day and age of nanny-stating everything.

Off on a mission

This particular illustration is for the first story in the book. Namely one about a prince who hitches a ride on a fox to win the heart of a comely maiden, only to find he has to do a succession of missions in order to balance the books correctly.

Here he is, sitting on the foxes back, prancing through the veg fields in the German Schwartzwald.

Prance through the fields on a fox

Prince riding a fox in a Grimms Fairy Tale epic

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