Dragons Blood Pirates – Maps

Creating maps for pirates

It’s a great responsibility helping someone get from A to B, so drawing a map is a skill. I was given a list of islands and had to create a map that included them all, and was interesting to look at for would-be junior corsairs.
I love drawing maps, and I love researching things, so it was a dream job to come up with a load of maps of the various islands featuring in the “Dragons Blood Pirates” series that I’m currently working on. I had to create 2 different maps, one that will feature on the inside front pages of each book, and a second much more detailed version that’s going to be a pull out feature at the back of each book. They were all drawn to look like they’d been created on board a rolling ship under candlelight. Part of the brief was to make the handwriting look “piratey” which isn’t a problem as that’s pretty much my normal handwriting, just with a couple of extra swirls and flourishes. I can’t wait to see the finished items!

This is the small map.
Cannibal Island showing traps and secret routes.

The Town island. The perspective of the houses is based on old maps I found of London.

Shipwreck Island – labeling all the shipwrecks (possibly a little obviously…)

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