Dragons Blood Pirates – Character Designs

Designing a collection of pirates

Developing a different look for each character is complicated. However, I remember seeing years back a silhouette map of carton characters. You could tell which was which just from a blob, and I’ve always tried using that idea as a starting point for inventing a new character.

Before starting work on a book I spend ages creating the characters. Dragon’s Blood Pirates have quite a large cast of main players, all of which had to be designed and approved, and most importantly notably different from each other.

Character Designs for the Dragon Blood Pirates

Vampire Zu and Flash Johnny. Zu is a particularly fun character to draw.


Snotty Nell – one of the main baddies.

Mozzy and Slicer, a couple of good pirates.

Gunner – Captain of the good pirates.

Blacktooth McGee – Captain of one of the baddy factions.

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