About me

My name’s Rory Walker and I’m an artist and Illustrator based in the glorious city of Bristol, UK.

Since leaving the mighty Falmouth College of Arts many years ago (and Brighton University more recently), I’ve put my mark on many aspects of illustrative artwork for clients all over the world.

I’ve worked for video games companies designing 2d artwork and textures, created album artwork for record labels, designed T-Shirts and posters for bands and gig-nights, drawn children’s books, illustrated educational books, filled the pages of magazines with editorial work, worked with graphic design agencies, advertising agencies, media companies, web companies, film makers, and so on.


Here’s a list of recent clients –

My Process

Get in touch and tell me about what you’d like to see. I’ve many years experience in working with clients across a huge range of disciplines and can work with your ideas from start to finish.

My Approach

After an initial consultation I’ll pencil up the artworks and send them to you via email. Once you’re happy with everything, I’ll ink the images up, colour them if required, then email them over in what ever file format you require.

The Team

  • About me - Rory Walker

    About me – Rory Walker

    Managing Director, Chief Imaginator, Creative Head, Tea Lady

  • About my staff - Nitty Mouse

    About my staff – Nitty Mouse

    Crocheted rodent and chief cheese acquisitor

  • About my staff - Mister Sausages

    About my staff – Mister Sausages

    Multi-tasker and tentacle repair man

  • thumbnail

    Whip cracker

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